YourBook, Where else?


Email Blast & Member Deblast - 27/02/14

Earlier today, we had sent out an email blast as a minor test which had major consequences. We have lost quite a few members but we hope this is it. Please don't check that email. We're sorry for the harmful test. 

Happiness & Sunshine - 25/02/14

As our last news article suggests, we had some downtime over the weekend, as well as a butt-load of errors. But, with a pinch of magic and pleading for help we managed to get them sorted and ironed out. A huge thanks to the Webs team!

What's next for YourBook, you wonder? Well we have been communicating to other websites in hope to get some partnership deals going on. This is so you users of YourBook can have the most enjoyable and best experience on YourBook with a boost in traffic! We're also working on advancing with the Arcade the website offers - adding more functionality and cleaning it up a little. After that we have planned to integrate a new chat system, which will allow members to message other members with ease whilst multi-tasking. To conclude our plans, we will also be looking into cleaning up the website ready for update version 2 (Oh boy, I feel as if this is going to be a bit of a biggie)

Keep on socialising!

Dark Age - 23/02/14

We're sorry for the huge downtime this weekend. We're not quite sure what happened there. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. There has been a huge amount of bugs related to the membership system. We're working on a fix, for the meantime expect a lot of features to be full of bugs. We promise a fix as soon as possible!

What are we up to? - 18/02/14

Greetings fellow users of YourBook! We're just here to give you a short explanation on what you can expect to appear on the website this upcoming week. We've got a small list of exciting new features for you all to try out! The arcade section of the website is getting a complete overhaul, even though it was just added not so long ago. We've decided to make it more attractive and easier to use. To do this we're adding a neater way to find and access games, as well as adding a comment and rating system! Rating games and expressing your views about them will never be a hassle ever again!

As well as some arcade-themed features, we have been working on finding a better and more fluent chat system. Expect changes to the way you contact your friends this upcoming week.

Finally, we've been working on some secret stuff we cannot spoil much about just yet. Stay in touch and check this page frequently when we can spoil more information  

Gamin' 'n' Moderatin' 2: Return of The Games - 14/02/14

Let us just start of this news post by saying; Happy Valentines Everybody! We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we have. If you are spending this valentines alone, do not fret, you can spend it with us! Heck, we'll even give you a gift to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! How does the gift of our first version of the Games page sound, hm?

We have finished developing and publishing the first rendition of YourBook's Arcade. The list of games may seem a bit empty, but as the weeks go by more games will be added to the library, aiming to obliterate all the boredem you may have.

Check it out here!

Gamin' 'n' Moderatin' - 13/02/14

We've been focusing on Games & Apps so much recently that it is almost ready. It is scheduled to be released within 11:59pm 14/02/14. We will work extremely hard within 24 hours to get it released. Also, we are looking for Moderators so go and check out the Applications page.

HTML Craze - 12/02/14

We've been focusing on the Games & Apps page recently. Adding 20 odd games a day! (Been spending most of the time making efficient HTML code ) It's tiring work, but we believe we can publish the Games & Apps page to you guys by Friday 14th February! We can't wait to have you gaming on the site.
After the Games & Apps page we can hopefully focus on implementing a better and more efficient chat system and we'll be cleaning up the forums!  

Forums - 11/02/14

We have readded the Forums, enjoy using it. 

Website - 10/02/14

We've just upgraded the site from the FREE package to the STARTER package which allows us to add an infinite number of pages and a lot more advantages. Therefore, we can give you guys more content! Hurray!

Also, over 1,500 people are signed up to YourBook now, Thanks guys. :)